Western & Southern Thanksgiving Day 10k Run/Walk Q & A

1. How long is a 10K?

A 10K run is 10 kilometers long, which is the equivalent of 6.2 miles. It's double the distance of a 5K, which is another popular race distance. The TDR is a 10K run and walk.

2. How do I get to the start?

The start is on Rosa Parks midway between 2nd Street and Freedom Way. However, Paycor stadium is where the bathrooms and race day registration are located. Sometimes it’s best to meet there, and line up on the starting line from that vantage point.

3. What time should I arrive for the race?

The race starts at 9:00 A.M. I always like to arrive about an hour before start time. This gives me plenty of time to park the car. The free lots at the stadium fill up very quickly. If I haven't registered or picked up my stuff, there's still plenty of time to go to Paycor Stadium and pick up my number and t-shirt at Gate C. Then I talk to my friends, check out the start, warm-up and enjoy the morning...

4. Where do I park?

The race course starts is on Rosa Parks midway between 2nd Street and Freedom Way at the Banks so you can park anywhere downtown. There is free parking in the stadium lots. However, if you’re in a rush to leave after the race, I would park near Fountain Square.

5. How will I be timed?

Your timing chip is on your bib/number. It is disposable so you don't have to worry about getting it to a volunteer at the finish. You also don't have to worry about where you stand on the starting line because the electronic timers will not start until YOU cross the starting mat and YOU cross the finish mat.

6. Can I walk the race?

Absolutely! Over 30% of the participants are walkers. The walkers will take off right after the runners—approximately 5 minutes. You will be directed to the walkers starting line!

7. Where does the race course start finish and travel?
New Course this year!
Great features:
  • It’s the only 10k course that has three cities, two states, and two rivers bundled together in one memorable event.
  • It captures the best of Cincinnati—The Banks, Fountain Square, OTR, Great American Ball Park, Paycor Stadium, and Smale Park—the best of Newport, and more highlights in Covington.
  • The bridges are a bit hilly, but what a thrill to cross them on foot!
  • The last mile is all downhill to the finish.
  • The same starting line and finish line with a short walk to the ProLink Finish Line Party.
  • A really fun Alpine Valley Water break at the Pepto-On-the-Go water stop at mile 3 where volunteers will serve you.
  • A great pit-stop at mile 3—if you gotta go!
  • Lots of room to run, walk, and dance if you want to.
8. I can't run. Can someone else wear my number?

No. Thanksgiving Day 10k numbers are not like a ticket to a show or concert. We need to know that the person with the number is the same person whose name and information is in our database. This is a matter of safety. Also, running with another person's number ruins the race results, since the person using the number might be a different gender and age from the person who originally entered.

9. Are strollers allowed?

Yes, the race encourages families to do the event together. So bring the whole gang. We would really appreciate if the strollers start in the wayyyy back of the starting line with the walkers. Please don't bring the family dog. They are not allowed (see reasons below).

10. What is not allowed on the race course?
  • Bicycles
  • Wagons
  • Dogs
  • Rollerblades
  • Unregistered runners
  • Skateboards
  • Hand cycles
11. Is there anything I can't do?

In order to keep everyone on their feet, we don't allow pets, inline skates, etc., and no costumes that extend beyond the body.

There are no refunds, exchanges or transfers on registration fees.

12. If I'm a walker where should I stand on the starting line?

There will be a designated area in back of the runners. Remember, we have tag (chip) timing so your official time will not start until you cross the starting line. Please, please place yourself in the designated area so aggressive runners don't trample you.

13. If I run a 11-minute pace, where should I stand on the starting line?

There will be signs that indicate various paces. Please place yourself in the proper area. Now I'm all for positive thinking, but let's be realistic here. Also remember that because of the chip timing, your official time will not start until you cross the starting line. So relax. You might run a better race if you start in the right location!

14. How can I get involved without running?

We need thousands of volunteers to make the race happen. Whether you volunteer on your own, or as part of a non-profit group you will walk away with some great keepsakes and the glory of being a race day hero.

15. What if I'm late?

What happened? Don't be late! Do you need a wake-up call in the morning or something? You can rush to the start and run the race.

16. Will the race be cancelled if the weather is bad?

The Thanksgiving Day 10k has been held in all kinds of weather, so dress accordingly. Average temperature at the start is approximately 50 degrees, but it has occasionally been in the high 70s. We have also started with snow on the streets.

17. What if this is my first race?

Yahoo for you! This is great news. Simply pin that race number on the front of your shirt. Tie your chip on the shoe. Place yourself on the starting line at the pace- per- mile- sign that you will run, and go, go, go. Don't forget to breathe!

18. Can I register for someone else?

Yes, you can register for as many people as you would like. Be sure you have accurate information—especially age!

19. Can I pick up other people's race packets at packet pick up?

Yes. Be sure you tell them!

20. What if I don't pick up my race bib, t-shirt and goodie bag?

The race will donate all the unclaimed race stuff to one of our race charities the day after the race. We also deliver the left-over food and water from the Awards to a local soup kitchen.

21. What if I ordered the wrong size shirt?

You can exchange your shirt during packet pick-up before the race.

22. Is there water?

Water is everywhere. At the start and finish, we will have McDonalds/Dasani Water at Paycor Stadium. And at our water stop at mile 4. we will have Alpine Valley Water. There will be over 100 volunteers from the Ronald McDonald House passing it out. Give them a hand!

23. I'm starving when I finish these fun races, is there food?

Paycor Stadium’s plaza level will be the site of our Awards. We will have a live music, and lots of food, refreshments, and additional gifts from our sponsors. We will be sure you have enough to eat and drink before that BIG Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner.

24. Is there good viewing for my family to watch my stellar performance?

Plenty of open space for fans.

25. What if I didn't order a shirt? Can I get one on race day?

Of course. IF NOT SOLD OUT - You can purchase a shirt at the registration area. The shirt is a beautifully designed, long-sleeve, high tech exclusive race shirt. Everyone should have one of these!

26. When can I get my results?

As soon as you get home and go online at www.ThanksgivingDayRace.com.

27. Who does the race benefit?

Our race charities include Girls on the Run, the Barrett Cancer Center at UC, Alzheimer’s Association, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Central Cincinnati Young Life and more.

28. What if I won an award?

A link to the race results and award winners can be found on the results page. Award recipients will receive a commemorative gift which can be picked up at Fleet Feet in O'Bryonville from November 25th until December 31, 2022.

29. How can I thank the sponsors for their generosity?

I would be so grateful if you could write a letter or email to any of our sponsors. Click on any of the sponsor's logos to take you to their website for contact information. In addition to you, they make this race a huge success and allow us to contribute a lot of money to our charities and volunteer organizations.

30. Why can't we bring dogs to the race?

  1. Having pets at the run invalidates our liability insurance
  2. Dogs have left their "business" on the streets for runners to step in
  3. Dogs do not run in a straight line and therefore interrupt the striding of fellow runners
  4. Some dogs are not comfortable in large crowds and their barking and straining at the leash can be uncomfortable for other runners
  5. Some people have had bad experiences with dogs and are a little intimidated by them
  6. Dogs are not always welcome in public facilities except for aid dogs
  7. This is a race policy that we attempt to enforce equally - and is the policy with all my races. We in no way encourage people to bring dogs to the event.

31. What if you didn't answer my question?

I bet you will find the answer on this website, or send us an email using our contact form.