How do train to run for an hour?

Whether you’re getting back into running or just starting out, an entire hour of consecutive exercise is an inspiring and completely doable goal.

• It’s not about the mileage.
When attempting to run for an hour for the very first time, you shouldn’t care too much about the distance. I even go as far as to say not tracking the distance might be the best idea after all.

• Nutrition.
Hydration is the single most important factor in endurance sports. Also try to avoid running less than two hours after a large meal. A light snack 30 minutes before a run is totally ok and might benefit you if you’ve experienced hunger during previous runs.

• Pacing.
Remember not to go out too fast and use your phone or a GPS running watch if you struggle with maintaining an even pace throughout the run. Every mile split should be roughly the same.

• Where to run.
When and where to run is something beginners should also think about. I’d recommend choosing a 1–1.5-mile loop, perhaps in a local park, so you don’t have to worry about having to walk a long way back to where you started.

• Training Plan.
Here’s a four-week training plan that includes three weekly runs and starts at a point where you can already run for 30 minutes without taking a break. You’re free to choose which days you want to exercise but try to leave one day in between each run.