What should you consider when searching for a walking or running partner?

Training partners are one of the most valuable tools a runner/walker can have. They make you accountable, so you're more likely to show up; and you give 100 percent during your workout because you know that someone else is counting on you.

Have a few.
An exclusive training partner is great -- until he or she is injured or goes on vacation, and you're suddenly a solo act. With a few training partners, you are assured that you and everyone else is never left alone.

• Befriend a faster person.
Muster up the courage to approach someone who's slightly better than you are. Even if you don't keep up stride for stride, having someone to chase or keep in your sights can be enough to help you realize that you are better than you think.

• Be in sync.
Pace and distance aren’t the only areas of compatibility. Personality and temperament are just as important. If you like to train outdoors y