What do you look for when picking out the best running shoes?

Spoiler alert:
There’s no such thing as the best running shoe! But there is such a thing as the best running shoe for YOU.

Choosing a running shoe can be daunting: Countless brands, hundreds of styles, different levels of support, cushioning and, of course, all those colors. There are five major things to consider:

• What are you going to use your shoes for?

• What surface are you running on?
>> Road Running
>> Trail Running
>> Treadmill Running

• Which type of running are you using your shoes for?
>> Casual running
>> Long-Distance running
>> Racing and faster running

• How your shoes fit?

• What kind of support you need?

I strongly recommend that you go to a local running store and talk to the experts. Bring your old shoes and talk about all these issues. They will know exactly what shoe is right for you.