What are some diet DISASTERS people do before a race?

• Eating the WHOLE thing
Eat your normal dinner, not a box of pasta and a family-size salad. You are running a 10K, not going across the country on foot. Eat just to fullness so you don't get indigestion or have trouble sleeping.

• Drinking too much water
It will leave you feeling bloated and dilute your electrolytes — minerals responsible for muscle contraction. Drink a cup or two of water before the start and at the finish. Take advantage of the water stop along the way as well.

• Skipping breakfast
A pre-race meal keeps your blood sugar steady and provides energy to finish your race strong. If you get too nervous to eat, wake up a few hours before so you can eat slowly. A small amount of carbohydrate and protein like banana and peanut butter, oatmeal, or a piece of toast with almond butter and apple slices are a few quick and easy options.

• Trying something new
Do not try the newest spicy sensation or you could be bolting for the bathroom instead of the finish line. Stick with your same meal routine for a few nights leading up to the race.